or are you just happy sashimi?

After sitting three mid semester exams, I couldn’t think of a better way to wind down then to finally play(?) with the box of sugary sushi goodness that I picked up from SOGO in Hong Kong a few years ago along with the Obento set.
This set was actually at the top of my list after seeing countless youtubers make this set, and the realness of the salmon roe to the actual stuff is uncanny!
Step 1: Make the rice~
Step 2: Make the egg and tuna
Step 3: Roll out the seaweed
The only thing that I found questionable with this set was the seaweed that you were supposed to ‘roll out’/stretch from the blob that they provided… Not to mention it tasted pretty bad as well.
Step 4: Mix the two solutions needed to make the salmon roe
The salmon roe that I would’ve believed was the real thing if I wasn’t the person who made it. The thing particularly interesting about these was when you ate these, they actually had the same ‘skin’ that real salmon roe has, so they give the same ‘popping’ feel!
Step 5: Reshape the rice into 4 sushi shapes~
Step 6: Combine everything together!
I wouldn’t rate this very high taste wise (everything is sugar, after all), but it’s still a good way to spend a half an hour/hour, and it makes for a few good photos c:
There’s so many good dramas airing this season! I’m currently watching:
  • The Girl Who Sees Smells
  • School 2015
  • Angry Mom
  • Let’s Eat 2
I just started Angry Mom two days ago am seriously regretting not starting sooner. It was the winning script for MBC’s open scenario competition in 2014, and ah! It’s so good! The plot sounds a bit questionable at first, and honestly Park Heesun in no way looks like she could pass for 19, but if you give that a pass then the rest just kind of falls into place. (Read more about Angry Mom)
I’ve also started reading a few new webtoons as well seeing as a few old favorites have wrapped up their first season.
알게뭐야 is being made into a drama! half worried and half excited at the news.. Hopefully the case is better than the one ‘The Prince’s Prince’ ended up with… ;;

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