Just when I couldn’t bear to look at my poor blogging history from this year compared to year’s previous, this beautiful album (finally) landed on my doorstep~
Each album comes with:
  • 1x CD (with one of 3 possible sleeves/album covers)
  • 1x Photobook (including lyrics, thanks to)
  • 1 (of 5) Photocard Shaped Sticker
  • 1 (of 3) Poster
As usual, Woollim has tried new things when it comes to the packaging- with there being a little paper cover this time. (One step up from the black plastic bag that Sunggyu’s first album came in…)
I had a bit of difficulty opening it for the first time though – as noted by the small tear on the bottom end of the flap(?).
Not sure who thought this photo would be a good choice for an album sleeve – definitely a questionable choice that had me a bit confused.
This was not what I was expecting the first thing I saw to be.
Would’ve been a lot better if Sunggyu’s face was on the left hand side, and his leg hair leg and logo on the right, underneath the physical album.
The sticker that I got with my album. I was expecting and would have much preferred an actual photocard since the sticker is never going to be used anyway…
I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I personally don’t really like the design/concept of the ’27’, It doesn’t really match with the minimalist vibe they were going for with the font of ‘Kim Sungkyu’, and the blotch on the front and back of the CD just looks out of place.
I’ve been listening to the album on repeat at home/to and from uni for the past 2 days, so it’s not long till I get stick of it and I think 너여야만 해 is my favourite from the album.

now playing: Alive – 김성규


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