My Little Television: Kimchi Rice

백종원’s classy recipe’s have been my life for the past few months – they’re nothing fancy, but taste great (some of them questionable though /looking at you 1600+ kal sandwich…).
Anyways, one of the recipe’s I’ve been meaning to try is the Kimchi Rice that was featured on ‘My Little Television’ (I can’t find the direct video, but here’s a youtube playlist of some of his recipes) since everything was in our pantry already.
  • Kimchi (신김치)
  • Aluminium pot
  • Rice (Already Cooked/Cold) – the one I used for leftover from lunch the day before~
  • Sesame Oil

The point is to wait until you can smell it burning, and to leave it for 20 seconds before turning the stove off. (It will smell like it’s burning, but it won’t actually burn!)

now playing: 이럴거면 그러지말지 – 백아연


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