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I finally received the goods from donating to madeinl’s birthday support for Myungsoo’s birthday earlier this year! I had to chase her up about the package last week though, but luckily she replied within an hour, and she sorted stuff out with the post office, and had the package sent out the next day! So here’s a closer look at everything.
The full set I received included:
  • 5x Postcards
  • 5x ‘Polaroid’ cards
  • A ‘folding’ postcard (with 7 photos)
  • 2x Printed Photos
  • 4x madeinl stickers
  • 3x photocards
  • 2x A3 Poster
  • A2 Poster
  • 2x L FAN
  • 4x madeinl stickers
  • ‘L PACK’ (4x Photocards, 8x Stickers)
  • Black & White Photobook (B5, 32pg)
  • L Calendar (Starting from June 2015)
  • Tincase set (32 photocards)
  • mini DVD (38 minutes)
  • L PHOTO BOOK (A4, 156pg)
▲ Tin case set, DVD, L FAN (I think she must have felt bad for the lost package hence why I got two..)
▲ The front and back of the L FAN
▲ The 32 photocards that come in a little tin case.
You can’t help but commend fansites on their merchandise – the tin case is exactly the same as the official tin case set Woollim sold during Second Invasion. Except with the money I spent on the official one, I could’ve purchased half of this whole set.
▲ (L) the ‘folding’ postcard (R) packet of 5 photocards
▲ L Calendar, Black and White Photobook
▲The calendar is double sided: the bottom would be useful for the busier of people who want to make notes on their calendar.
▲The front and back of the black and white photobook.
It’s B4 sized, so smaller than the main photobook, but I just had a quick flip through and I think I might like the photos on this one better than the ones in the larger one!
▲ I don’t want to post too many photos, since it is an exclusive set, but there’s two for you to get a feel of the type of photos madeinl takes, and the ones in the photobook.
▲ I forgot to take a photo of the whole photobook, but here’s a small part of the cover of the main photobook!
I think if I were to make a list of the top 5 Myungsoo fansites that I’m a fan of, madeinl would definitely make it in there. Maybe it’s her way of editing? But her photos always look so crisp and full of ‘atmosphere’.
▲ 156 pages of his glorious face
▲ The photobook is split up into 3 sections: 2013, 2014, and 2015.
And it wouldn’t be a fanmade photobook without a spelling mistake! This time it reads ‘to remeber beautiful moment of your life’. Unfortunately the mistake runs throughout this photobook, but luckily only in the photobook.
▲ The L PACK!
I wasn’t sure what was inside at first, so I left it till last to open. Once again, I was in awe of the amount of effort and quality of the goods this time around. The zip lock back feels sturdy and like it’ll last for a long time, and the material of the plastic is the same as the ‘bad’ that Sunggyu’s ‘Another Me’ came in. Now I kind of wish the ‘bad’ Another Me came in was a zip lock one..
▲ 4 more photocards and two types of stickers (4 each)
The bad is actually big enough to fit all the other loose cards that come with the set. So now I don’t need to find another little plastic folder to put all of them in. Win!
▲ More photocards!
I’m not actually sure what I’ll do with them. I’ve already used a few as bookmarks in my daily planner, and whilst looking at his face every once in a while is great, they get a bit ruined around the edges after a while which is a major downside :c
▲ The rest of the photos, stickers, and photocards!
At first I thought the photocards that came separately would be double ups of the ones in the tin case, but to my surprise they’re actually all different!

Would I donate again?

Based on my experience this time around with this set, I would definitely consider donating to madeinL again! Not only are the goods super nice quality, but she was very generous quantity wise as well. Communication was no issue either – I contact her on twitter about my package still being m.i.a and she replied within 10(?) minutes and we were able to get everything sorted by the end of the day. So far I’ve donated to 4 Myungsoo fansites (l-kim, lkimfan, l-aile and now madeinl) and I’m definitely the most satisfied with the goods from madeinl.
I haven’t actually taken the time to really sit and appreciate the photobook yet, so you know what my bedtime reading tonight will be~!
(My limited edition Reality album also came in the mail today, so hopefully I’ll have a post up about that by the end of the week!)

now playing: 오늘부터 우리는 (Me Gustas Tu) – GFRIEND


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