D-I-Y Daiso Table/Storage Space!

A Daiso hack that only takes 15 minutes from start to finish!

You will need:

  • 7 wire nets (I used the 51*33cm ones – but feel free to use ones of other dimensions depending on what size table you want to make)
  • 27 zip ties (or 1 packet)
  • Scissors


  • Smaller size wire net (shown above) or small hanging wire basket


▲ Step 1: Arrange 2 wire nets size by side, and attach 3 zip ties at the top, middle and bottom of the wire nets as pictured above.
▲ Step 2: Attach an additional wire net using 3 more zip ties using the same method in step 1.
▲ Step 3: Bring the two wire nets on the outside together and use 3 zip ties to form a triangle as shown above.
▲ Step 4: Repeat steps 1 – 3, so you have 2 triangular prisms.
▲ Step 5: You can do this step now or at the end, but make sure to cut off all the ends of the zip ties!
▲ Step 6: Place the wire nets side by side, and zip tie the two prisms together using the top-middle-bottom method (used in step 1).
▲ Step 7: Rest the remaining wire net on top, and use 3 zip ties on each side to attach it to the two prisms.
▲ Step 8: Flip it over and voila!

The finished product:

It works perfectly as a laptop stand since the wire provides great ventilation for the laptop’s fan which means no more overheating! The net also means I can store the laptop charger in the underneath compartments, and connect it to my laptop straight through the net and instead of leaving it in a mess on the ground.
As for the optional step! If you decide to go with the hanging wire basket, you can hang it off the end table for extra storage, and put things like your phone or smaller items or snacks.
I couldn’t find a basket I liked, so I decided to buy a smaller wire net, and attached it with 3 extra zip ties – this gives a bit more surface area to work with, and seeing as the usb ports on my laptop are on the right hand side, the extra room acts as a perfect resting stand for my hard drives.
A word of warning: Just to be safe, I would recommend using a coaster (the thicker the better), after all, there are gaps in the net so better safe than sorry!

The bottom compartments can be used for storing DVD’s. magazines, thin blankets, basically anything you want!

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