HPinHK #2: Fairwood edition

So I’m back with part 2 of the hopefully 4 part series – this time the Fairwood edition! I was over the moon when I recently found out that a Fairwood had opened within a short walking distance to where I’m staying in HK, and have since been twice to try out 2 different hot pot combinations.
The one pictured below is the U.S Beef and U.S Pork Hot Pot (4oz each).
There are 5 possible combinations for hot pots at Fairwood:
  1. Squid and U.S Beef Hot Pot (4oz/114g each)
  2. Squid and U.S Pork Hot Pot (4oz/114g each)
  3. U.S Beef Hot Pot (8oz/227g)
  4. U.S Pork Hot Pot (8oz/227g)
  5. U.S Beef and Pork Hot Pot (4oz/114g each)

And there are add-on items you can get with your choice of hot pot:

  • Squid $30
  • Beef (4oz/114g) $25
  • Pork (4oz/114g) $21
  • Cheese & Ham Balls $8
  • Thai Pork Balls $8
  • Vietnamese Pork Sausage $8
  • Dumplings $8
  • Chese & Ham Balls + Dumplings + Thai Pork Balls + Vietnamese Pork Sausage (2pcs each) $18
  • Assorted Vegetables $16
  • Chinese Lettuce $7
  • Chinese Cabage $7
  • Rice Noodles $7
  • Instant Noodles $7
大快活 (Fairwood)
Hoi Lai Estate, Sham Shui Po
$69 ($74 incl. coke/$78 incl. red bean ice)


There are 3 soup bases to choose from:
  1. ‘Ma lat’ Soup (The English translation they give is ‘Numb & Spicy’ Soup)
  2. Tomato & Potato Soup
  3. Black Pepper & Salted Vegetables Soup
I chose the Tomato & Potato soup, which tasted exactly like the soup my mum makes for dinner sometimes.
Soup refills are available at the front counters in thermos pots – I had a bit of a taste since I poured some into a bowl before pouring it into the pot ad it wasn’t exactly water.. but not straight broth either. More like salty water/really diluted broth? (Think 1:9 water to broth ratio)


As far as extras go, each hot pot comes with the following vegetables:
  • Chinese Lettuce
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Pumpkin
  • Enoki Mushrooms
  • Shimeji Mushrooms


Instead of udon, Fairwood serves their hot pots with rice noodles. They’re a lot less filling than udon (of course), and in my opinion the serving size is also a lot smaller.
They come pre-cooked, so all you have to do is reheat them for a minute or two.


The meat is definitely the highlight of the Fairwood hot pots. The meat is not frozen but not completely thawed either – signalling that they’re freshly sliced.
I’m not sure if they were exactly 4oz/114g as the menu says, but the meat was really filling and thick compared to previous restaurants.
U.S Beef (4oz/114g)
U.S Pork (4oz/114g)

I tried the squid + beef combo on my second visit and it definitely didn’t disappoint! I’m usually not a huge fan of seafood so I don’t know how it compares to other seafood places, but the squid they served was thick and juicy, and I might just order it again my next visit.

Squid (4oz/114g) – the tentacles are hidden underneath

Drink *Not included with the meal, but an extra add on for $6

  • The drink was definitely on the small side – I would suggest you order it without ice since it gets diluted as time goes by.

I forgot to take a photo of it, here’s the red bean ice I had on my second visit (an extra $9).


  • Soy Sauce
  • Shallots, Chilli, dried garlic

Other comments:

  • I usually prefer udon when hot potting, but seeing as there’s so much meat I think the rice noodles were a good idea – udon might have been too filling.
  • Excluding the bowl of vegetables, there aren’t any extra ingredients (fish balls/dumplings etc) so there wasn’t much variety (unless you can pay for the extra add-ons) – it would’ve beeen nice if there was some, but once again, since there is a lot of meat, I don’t think I would’ve finished it.
  • Probably the biggest comment about Fairwood’s hot pot is that maybe it was because of the original soup being ‘Tomato & Potato soup’, it didn’t really taste like the usual hot pot but more like cooking meat in soup leftover from yesterday?
  • The pot comes with a lid! Which means you can, to some extent, stop the soup from evaporating!

Overall verdict:

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