HPinHK #3: Yoshinoya edition

With temperatures in Hong Kong taking a steep drop down to 4°c the other day (and that wasn’t the coldest!) I’ve found yet another excuse to have another hot pot for dinner! It wasn’t easy, leaving the warm comfort of my bed, but after weighing up the pros and cons, it was hot pot 1 : bed 0.
This time, I headed to Yoshinoya at Olympian City (Stage 1), and ordered the cheese chikuwa shabu shabu with beef and udon. (pictured above – the drink is included)
‎吉野家 (Yoshinoya)
Olympian City 1, Tai Kwok Tsui
$52.9 (incl. drink)


  • Clear Vegetable Soup – the initial amount they gave me was barely enough to cover the ingredients already in the pot, luckily they have jugs of hot soup base that you’re free to take back to your table to refill yourself.


Like the hot pot at Maxim’s MX, all the extra’s come already in the pot, and all you have to do is wait for it to boil.

  • 2x seafood/crab sticks
  • 1x small piece of corn
  • 1x shiitake mushroom
  • 1x slice of pumpkin
  • Enoki mushrooms
  • 1x cheese chikuwa
  • 1x tofu skin

▲ Before my soup refill


  • (Not a lot of) Chinese Cabbage


  • One generous serving of ‘nice’ udon that is pre-cooked


  • 4 slices of packaged, thawed beef

After being used to two 4oz portion of meat at Fairwood, the portion at Yoshinoya seemed a bit on the small side, but considering the portion of udon you get is a lot more than the other places, it kind of evens up. Quality wise though, there’s nothing to complain about!


  • Standard cup of coke (Which didn’t taste that diluted even as the ice melted..)


  • Sesame sauce

Oddly enough, the meal doesn’t actually come with soy sauce (it is available though, don’t fret! you just have to pick up a packet or two at the counter before heading back to your seat)

Other comments:

  • The only thing that was a shame about this hot pot/shabu shabu was the amount of vegetables (or lack thereof).
  • The soup base was delicious, which enhanced the flavours of everything else. I mentioned it before, but the jugs of soup refills that were available were hot, which meant that you didn’t have to wait long for the pot to re-boil. There was also no case of ‘thick’ soup towards the end either – even after cooking the udon!

Overall verdict:


now playing: 신데렐라 – stellar


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